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Arrrgh, growing up wasnt quite easy, from a
family of four Mum, dad and two sons, i had
lost my younger Bro a few years ago, he died
the last time my mum took us to her village,
Delta state, Habbi town, he was killed by my
step grandmother, she poisoned him, life
became a little difficult for me, i had no
siblings to talk to, i missed him dearly but i
wish life was like video games were you
could earn extra lives,so wen the current one
dies you could use the other but too bad i
will never see him again.

One evening, I
stood in front of my house just outside the
gate,ttwo kids were fighting,i wanted to settle
them but something held me back instead i
watched them profusely like a football match,
it was obvious one was older than the other,
so without doubt you ll know the older one is
bullying the younger, the next thing was that
the younger one’s brother came, didnt even
ask but joined the fight, together they fought
the other boy till they overpowered him,this
time i had to stop them. After a while i asked
myself if i get into a fight who ll fight for me,
tears ran from my chick down to my eyes, i
realised that those kids just thougth me
something *who ll fight for me now?* i said
soberly to myself,theres nothing like blood
wish i had a bro or sis, i was just four years
old when he died, i hadnt realy enjoyed that
brotherly love,the words ‘Emeka i miss
you’,its so lonely and sad being an only son.
At 18 i had already grown into a spoilt boy, i
was an only son and was pampered like an
egg, at that age i had already watched
Indecency movies that would last me a life
time, but still have’nt had my 1st s-x,
smoking cigerate followed and then beer
came in, my dad n mum both go to work
early and come back late, my Dad is a
Businessman and my Mum owned a
Supermarket, i was still asking my 1st love
out and Chizzy hadnt said yes,have been
asking her out since i was 16, and now at 18
the yes had’nt come, she was just scared cos
she was 15 then and was still a novice that
hadnt even gotten her 1st kiss. Always
wondering what my 1st s-x would be like, an
icing on the cake Esther came into the scene,
she stayed not to far from my Mum’s
supermarket. I often go hang out at my
mum’s shop and sometimes help her sell.
When ever Esther saw me she called me her
African Prince, the song was reigning like no
one has sang a song in Nigeria at that
period, she kept doing that wenever she saw
me, so i started calling her my African Queen
too. One thing led to another we became
close, we wrote our Waec Exams then,we
attended different secondary schools. she fell
in love asked me out,i said yes, even without
having feelings 4 her. I was still striving for
my 1st s-x, so why should i say no.
Six months into the relationship, we stiil
have’nt had s-x, she comes to my house, and
all we kept doing was kisses and caresses, i
just find myself refusing her.

On June 24th 2004, this faithful day history
was about to be made, she came to my
house with her face frowned, i knew
something was wrong. As she sat down the
next thing Esther said was ”Ken, do you love
me?”, ”Why the question i asked?” , ”its six
months now and you ve not had s-x with me
or do i disgust you?” She asked, ”please dont
sound like that i replied”, ”you must sleep
with me orelse your parents will meet me
here today”, she said, you could see the
seriousness in her face. I laughed went to my
room, not knowing she was right behind me,
standing at the entrance, i took my pijamas
off, tied my towel, as i turned to enter my
bathroom, she rushed then grabed my dikkk
holding it together with the towel,”sumtin
wey get mind of em own” it rose so hard
standing like a Lion steering at his prey
eyeball to eyeball, i held her and was pushing
her straight to the sitting room, instead she
dragged me to the opposite room not far
away, it was my parents room so it was
always locked if they were’nt around, i
pushed the knob down(just to check if it was
locked), all of a sudden it sprang open ”that’s
awkward i told myself, JEZ! So they thought
they locked it, i said, i draged her in, she was
looking at everywhere with surprise, ”this
room is spacious and beautiful”, she said, ”its
my parents room what do you expect”, i
replied, my dikck still standing strong like
Olomo rock, i pushed her on the bed, you
want s-x shey, ”bad gurl u want 2 see my
bad side?” I asked, ”i doubt if you are bad”
she replied, ”make i clear your doubt” i said.
I pulled her top and bra off, drew her skirt
up, she was wearing a low waist sexy blue
p@nt, i tore it off her waist out of
desperation, my middle finger went into her
wet Well, and my finger was going to and fro,
while my mouth was doing damage sU-Cking
one of her boobbs,and the other hand
squeezing the other boobbs, she was m0an!
ng,”awww you are bad? ‘please i need you
inside me, she said, she was so wet, i slotted
my dikk in2 her wet cunnt, and was riding
her like a horse, i was very fast with my t—-t,
if Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the
world,he wouldnt beat me on a 100 metres s-
x race at that moment,he ll be shocked dat
his world record was mere a fluke,i was d–n
fast,my hands were doing damages,1 was on
her b0s0ms,the other was rubing her c–
was my 1st so it was the normal ontop stlye,
i was the capt on the ship, i finally came
inside her after, 12 to 15mins, Ken you are
bad you ve done this before, she confidently
said,i swear its my 1st and what a bad way
to start, on my parents matrimonial bed, can
you imagine, i replied. You go bad gaan be
that, said she, the adventure has just begun i
replied,she packed her clothes, i arranged the
room, made sure it was neat just as i met it,
we closed the door and headed to my room,
she droped our her clothes, i hung on to my
towel and we headed for the bathroom.

to be continued


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