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I started having s3x at 13. At 14 I had
begun to ‘release’ accompanied by the
wonderful feeling of Oluchi, who
introduced me to S£x was a p3rv. She was
my class mate in Junior High School and
also a neighbor. My mum and hers were
very close and when her mum got to know
that I was a bookie, I was forced to teach
her Maths. Anyways, me and Oluchi furked
for close to 4 years till we moved out of
that neighborhood. We still had later
occasions to meet and furk long after
But wait. This story is not about Oluchi. It
is about Jumoke …

Jumoke was a family friend. She was the
daughter of the House owner and she lived
in a flat detached from the main building.
She became very close to us after we
moved in and was particularly fond of me.
Maybe because I was brilliant, or it could
be she took me as a brother. I was always
running errands for her and she was
always giving me small gifts. She had
Sekxy friends and very raunchy demeanor.
She was 22. I was 13. My parents liked her.
My uncle was hitting on her, don’t know if
they furked. She gradually became a part of
the family and after a few months was like
a sibling. She had access to the house, she
came in and went any time she liked,
entered the kitchen at will, in short she was
just at home.

All this time, I was increasing my s3xual
experiences through po.rn video cassettes
(VCR FORMAT) and Better Lover
magazines. And Oluchi was using my d1ck
to come. During one of these days with
Oluchi, I discovered the sweetness of S£x. I
was just doing as she instructed and was
moving my waist to and fro. We were doing
it behind their giant 5 seater couch in their
sitting room. No living soul could know two
people were there. All of a sudden I started
feeling something so sweet, so strange, so
wonderful. I had read about it and had
friends who told me how it was supposed
to feel. That day was my ‘entry’ into
Then I began to notice Aunty Jummy
(That’s what I called Jumoke).
She had a huge a$$. She was tall and just
a little bit chubby. She had average sized
bo0bs and very dark skin. She had very
seductive eyes and her voice was out of
this world. Everything she seemed to do
(that she had always done before) started
to mean something else to me. If she held
my hand, I got a hard on. If she hit me
playfully, I felt wonderful. I even began to
get jealous when guys would come visit her
or she didn’t have my time. I began to
fantasize about her. I would write her name
on a sheet of paper, make my room very
dark and self-service on the paper,
imagining all sort of crazy stuff with her.
Then, I would burn the paper to ashes. It
was a childish fantasy. Whether it was my
little ‘ritual’ or it was just providence, my
fantasy came to pass…

To be continued


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