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As a Young ,handsome ,s*xy** and extremely
appealing guy wey i be, Tall, deliciously
handsome and breathtaking with 6 packs
,light in complexion as i con add pink lips join
with a perfect gap tooth..i get Davido
dimple,kiss Daniel lips,iyanya’s body.wizkid
Skin ,Lynnx height and Korede bello eyes…To
get any babe for myself no be my probelm at
Infact,I no dey talk much or spend a lot of
money before i get babes..To the extent that
ladies wey they always form hard to get for
other guys .na dem day toast me by
I no fit count the amount of pms and Dms
wey famous girls for fb,twitter and other
social sites don send me ,some go to the
extent of nudes,some money and some guys
go even use my picture do Dp because they
know once girls see am,dem go fall.,.To cut
the long story short,am a Ladies man .
No be say i too get money like that as my
papa na primary school teacher but no girl
wey i approach wey don ever let me down
Some dey even think say na jazz… I was very
fresh and always fly hence earning the
nickname ” Angel “..
Infact,a particular girlfriend of the ruthless
Capon of a cult group wanted me to tear her
back then and … as a sharp guy .i chop the
fine babe finish and she still pay me join…The
Capon with hin boys con attack me for house
but as he see say na me. Him hand just Fall
Girls knew i was a player.but still fell for me
as i
was simply irresistible. ..Every girl wanted
As i dey tear miss campus, na hin i dey tear
female lecturers. Black,yellow.chocolate
,white. and half yellow half black girls.
Tall o ,short o. Lepa and orobo,Born again or
olosho even enter Pregnant ladies and
Handicapped chicks sef. i was very ruthless
in my dealings. It was not my fault, dey just
kept coming !!
So i dey very Suprised when my guys be dey
talk say one big girl dey 100 level wey
nobody done see crack.All of my guys don
try crack the babe ,to no avail.As usual,na
me be the last resort… They knew no girl
dare refuse me !!!!

But this time, day seem a little bit skeptical ..
Four of my guys ,Kingsley1000,richhommie
,profojah and Yinkss1 even bet 10 000 naira
each ,say if i fit get the girl to visit me,con
tear am and record am or give any evidence
sey na true true…dem go give me the 40k..
Make hin no be like say dem no bet too,Seun
and lalasticlala sef follow bet 500 naira each
making all together 41 k. . i no straff,i pay
money. I straff i collect Easy
money abeg !!
They all seem confident that she wouldn’t
bulge and me sef wasnt bothered nor worried
either .How many years we don day for this
game way wan small girl go day prove hard
.100 level for that matter.
” Just give me 7 days ,na 7 days i need” i
boasted.. me i no kuku know say na Fish
bone wey go later hook me for neck
Ichinbong be.
100 level,history edu…100 level..Haha..This
my guys don dey f up ooo. Ordinary 100 level
Without wasting time,i set out to hunt.
Am not rich but i dey always package
myself.. .. Soon i go get details about the

And truely as dem described am na hin i
meet am. Ichinbong was actually beautiful
,white teeth,chubby cheeks ,figure 8,chocolate
, skin wey fresh pass omotola and geneinnve
.i no mean to exaggerate and all that crazy
things way confam babe dey get,.I sabi say
una guys fit relate. Wetin we never do…We
don do people wey fine pass am so wetin dey
cause hullabaloo.??
However one thing wey con stand out for this
babe body…na the backyard..Oh My God..It
was a body on its own..Not about sey he big
but the way wey d thing take curve. Choi…
This one na better food wey person must not
to miss.
During my research, i notice say d babe na
one kind Babe that is inbetween.She no too
jar and she no too spiritual.She just balance
for middle. She dey flex small and dey follow
God small.
Perfect…No wonder Guys dey chase am make
dem see am chop i don come..The
james bond wey go accomplish d mission..
After much study, i finally had to the
opportunity to corner the babe after a lecture
and as expected ,the response bam.
” Hi ” i smiled,exposing my perfect .
sparkling white ,gap tooth …con wink korede
bello wink join..
” Hi …Boo right ?? cute smile ” The girl bin
respond as she stretched her hands to shake
” Yea ..
” Am Ichinbong Peters ” She said …softly
rubbing my hands with the other hand and
smiling seductively..
Shey i no tell una before.Am just too
charming ..
Abi i tell una say dem no born any babe well.
Dem con talk say she dey form… Form for
who ?? Form nkor, Register ni.
Na so i begin … I kukuma get English for
mouth though na 4 carryovers i still get, how
i go no book wey girls,boy and transgenders
alike no go allow me rest ??
I started flowing.i dey drop
punchline she dey laugh..I notice say the
guys wey pass dat corner dey look us . Most
guys dey use hand dey hail me,then give me
thumbs up as per oga wey i be .The girls like
punkyveer,missspicy,Vinshu ,prettythicksme
dey shake head as per d level say na most of
them i don tear thoroughly and expertly,.con
drop them…the same fate they know awaits

To be continued


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1 Comment

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