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I sneak into madam’s room at midnight , it is
dark , but light from
outside filter in ,the glow is just enough for
me to see her outline
on the bed. She is totally unclothed and fast
asleep. I wonder to
myself what I am doing here, but just then
she m0ans in her
sleep and throws her legs apart, my eyes are
used to the dark
now and I see her kitty, clean shaven and
moist, inviting, she is
snoring lightly. I go on all fours and crawl
towards the bed and
slowly inch my face in between her legs I can
smell her kitty,
then with my heart beating so loud I am
afraid she will hear I
stick out my tongue and give her kitty a long
lick. The taste is
unbelievable, slippery, rich. I draw back and
savour her juice on
my tongue like a connoisseur,

hmmm,perfect. I get more
confident, she has been drinking all day and
I heard when she
complained to her friend over the phone that
she was so Hot
becos oga was hardly ever around and dat
she fantasized abt s,
ex always. That was my cue. I take anoda
lick, this time firmer,
deeper and more confident , her kitty
twitches, she m0ans gently
in her sleep , spreads her legs wider and
thrusts out her hips
‘’interesting’’ I think to myself. By now I have
a massive hardon
with one hand I stroke my , then I insert
my my finger
gently into her kitty, all the while licking her
cl!t gently, by now
her whole butt0ckz is vibrating and her kitty
contracts on my
finger, I add another finger and she m0ans
softly to herself.She is
so wet a dark stain spreads on the
bedsheets. She can’t still be
asleep. Then she arches her back, her entire
butt0ckz lifts from
the bed, I follow not wanting to relinquish my
mouth grip on her
kitty, we are poised there for some seconds
an impossible angle,
but I continue sU-Cking,and licking although

I am scared my neck
would snap because of the strain, just then I
am rewarded the jet
of clear liquid pumping from her kitty into
my mouth, and face. I
manage to catch some with my hands and
use the slippery liquid
to lubricate my I explode s.emen all
over the place , it flies
and splashes on her Unclad br.eas.ts, thighs
and tummy. I jump
up and run out of the room trying in vain to
hold the rest Pour
with my hand. As I run to my room a trail of
s.emen follows me.
In my room a myriad of different feelings
assail me. Guilt,
excitement, fear. My face still smells of her
kitty and before I
know I get another erec.tion! I lie down on
the bed and with her
smell on my nostrils I stroke my phallus until
I Erupt. The force
of my expulsion makes my balls ache. I clean
up and remember
that I had Pour all over madam. What if she
was truly asleep and
had no inkling what had transpired? The
seme.m would surely
give me away. And oga could come early . I
got a wet rag and
started cleaning my way back up. I can hear
m0ans from
madams room, by now its almost dawn and I
can see quite
clearly, she is thrashing wildly on the bed,
one hand on her kitty,
the other massaging her b0s0ms. Just then I
hear oga’s horn at
the gate

To be continued


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