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Spirits….Demons… think they never exist?
So many have doubted the existence of this
eerie beings
but forget that the Heavens once suffered
violence during the war between Good and Bad,
and everything
bad was cast down to the earth. Ever since,
these beings have been hovering the earth in
their countless
numbers looking for who to devour. They’re
everywhere….everyplace…..every corner. So be
careful what
you wish for. A pair of eyes could be watching
in the dark….don’t say I didn’t warn you **Evil
December 6, 1865 in the small quiet town of
The big black carriage carrying Nate and Marie,
rolled to a halt as the hooves of the black
horses broke the innate silence on the cobbles.
Nate and Marie were a southern couple with
just a 5yr old daughter, Emily. They were new
in Fearville and just moved into town from the
city of Pensworth. They arrived by evening on
that day and began unpacking their stuffs into
the new mansion they had won in a lottery.
The old stone mansion had a castle-like appeal,
with an eerie feeling surrounding it as it stood
in the grotesque of the full moon which
streamed it’s light around it’s contours. Though
Marie was was happy for her new home (of
course she was owing, to the fact that she and
her husband had never dreamt of living in such
a mansion. They were just struggling to make
ends meet), yet something seemed strange as
she stood before the carriage, staring around
the vicinity. The town of Fearville seemed too
quiet and creepy for her liking. The life within
the little town of Fearville on that silvery night,
can be said to be still, for the creaking of
crickets and hooting of the night owls which
scared the bats fluttering up in in he sky in their
numbers. Silhouetted by the moon, Marie
watched her daughter stare steadily at the
hideous shadows of the bats swarming below
on the cobble stones. Not too far from where
they stood they could hear the whistling sounds
of the night breeze whooshing through the dark
narrow streets. No one seemed to be on the
lonely streets, nor the neighborhood. The only
human signs they saw were those of window
curtains (in different buildings) sliding open as
unfriendly faces peeped at them from their
lantern illuminated rooms. The moment Marie
tried to make out the unfriendly faces, the
curtains were thrown close instantly. What a
strange little town, she wondered. Well, atleast
the change in environment would help cement
the cracking relationship between she and Nate,
since she couldn’t afford to be a single parent.
“Come help me get this goddãmn boxes Marie!”
Nate blew hot “Are you gonna stand there
“Sorry Nate, I’m coming” she pleaded, strutting
towards the boxes as her dress billowed around
her ankles.
Truth be told, Marie was a good wife with her
traditional southern upbringing from her days
in Palo Alto, Texas. While Nate her husband
was a typical redneck of Polish descent, and a
drunken bum who wouldn’t miss the slightest
opportunity of striking her at the flimsiest
mistake. Despite Nate was in his late 50s, and
Marie in her mid 30s, she had always loved and
respected her husband just as it was expected
of her. But what hurt her most was the fact
that she wasn’t getting back the love from
Nate. Back when she was a girl she would
dream of having a man who would adore and
respect her for the woman she was. But for
some selfish reasons her parents had bundled
her off to old Nate and now here she was
seeking succour in a man who never cared or
flinched at the sight of her immeasurable
beauty. Her body needed to be explored… be
touched, and Nate wasn’t ready to grant her
that privilege. All romance ended when she
conceived Emily, after which her husband took
to excessive drinking and gambling.

The leather boxes had now been taken up the
stairs and the carriage man paid off. So Marie
and Emily decided to explore the house in that
short moment (carrying a lantern) and
discovered that the mansion was a big one. It
housed 6 rooms and a spacious Sitting Room
which had a large fireplace. Bedside the
fireplace was a human size antic mirror which
looked quite strange as it had gargoyles for
frames and on the wall was the great painting
of a 15th century lady looking so alive in such
still portrait. Marie was fascinated by the still
drawing and she stepped closer to have a look,
bringing the oily lantern forward and staring
into the face of the lady in the portrait. For a
second she could feel the eyes of the lady
piercing into her as she thought she had
noticed the eye balls move. At that instant,
there was a loud shriek form below her,
startling her and she dropped the lantern as a
white fluffy cat pranced the wooden floor and
came cuddling Emily’s legs. Marie watched her
daughter step backwards in brief awe.
“Mum it’s a cat” Emily whined
“Yeah…I can see that”, Marie heaved in relief.
Picking the bobbing lantern from the floor, she
came to squat where the estranged cat
sat.”Guess it’s a stray cat”, she said.”Or
probably belonged to the former owners if this
mansion”. She extended her hand to cuddle it.
“Mum…can I keep him?”, Emily asked
Marie hadn’t made her statement when the
large fluffy cat growled and scratched her, as
she withdrew her hand instantly wincing in
“I don’t think it’s a good idea Emily” she
“Please mum, I’ve never had a cat before” Emily
chided.”Besides he’s homeless”
Marie was still squatted nursing her bleeding
finger while Emily kept persisting on keeping
the cat as the cat went again to cuddle at
Emily’s feet. Marie was not used to refusing her
daughter anything. And she noticed the cat was
warming up to her daughter lovingly. Well, a cat
into the house was not a bad idea. Moreover it
would come in handy in eradicating the rats
which would be living in the house owing to the
lack of human presence in a long while.
“Fine, you can keep him if you want” Marie said
standing on her feet and picking up the lantern
one more time.
“I’m gonna call him Winter, mum” Emily purred
“Yerr…call him whatever you like” replied Marie.
“Come Emily, let’s go find you a place to sleep
for the night. The whole place is dusty and I’m
gonna clean up tommorow”
Having said that, Emily scooped the purring cat
into her arms and followed her behind her
mother. But they didn’t hear the strange chilly
whisper that hushed within the sitting room
they had just left.
It had now begun to rain and Emily was already
tucked in bed. Marie came into the make shift
bedroom (the main bedroom was still dusty) to
find her husband Nate, already asleep. He
reeked of alcohol as she came to lay on the left
side of the bed, beside him. Nate lay facing the
other way, snoring loudly and chuckling in his
sleep. What a waste of a man, Marie wondered.
She tried to sleep, stirring and shuffling in bed
but the cold was getting much, robbing her of
the sleep in her eyes. She wanted to be
cuddled….to be romanced…to be made to feel
like a woman. Her body desperately yearned for
a man’s touch. Too bad her husband was a
drunken bum to notice her body language.
Turning to face the opposite side, Marie
watched the cascading rain slither down the
large glass window with tears dripping from her
eyes. And soon sleep came calling as she
drifted into an emotion laden slumber.

To Be Continued…


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