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THE NEIGHBOURS ( Romance Story ) PART 1


THE NEIGHBOURS ( Romance Story ) PART 1

As dennis walked into the building of HILS & SILLS COMPANIES, he was mesmerized, their branch office where he had done his interview was not as beautiful as this, well this was their H.Q(headquaters) so he was not suprised, he felt priveledge to be working in the company, as he stood there lost in his thought staring at the state of the art facilities, a tap on the back brought him back to reality, turning back, what he saw was more beautiful than the state of the arts facilities, he had to ask himself if he was in heaven…

“Hy” was all he could mutter as he stared at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, she smiled back at him and asked him why he was looking at her like that, he told her nothing and smiled again, she told him to follow her, so she could show him his office and brief him on somethings… As he walked behind her, he could see her behind swaying left and right, he wondered if she was doing purposedly, her behind was big, he did not know when he started singing a song he always sang as a boy “17, 18, 19 orobo”, the lady heard him and asked him what he was saying, he said nothing and smilled again, she asked him if he always smiled when asked a question, he said no and smiled again, she told him “whatever” and showed him the door to the office… As they entered the office, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, the office was so neat, comfy and beautifully decorated, it had an a.c, a system, a mini-bar, and a mini-parlour, he was still admiring the the office when the lady asked him if he was done, he replied her saying “done with what?”, she then asked him why he was always staring like a village man, he smiled again saying nothing, she then showed him some files that he was going to work on, as she was about to leave, he asked her what her name was, that she did not tell him, it now was her turn to smile, she replied telling him to forget about her name and focus on doing the job, she ended saying “the boss does not take delay likely, better get to work” and she walked out..

“Hello can i join you” dennis said as he took a chair too sit beside someone in the cafeteria… “no problem, you can sit” the lady he met earlier replied… “My name is dennis, yours?” He asked her smiling… “what do you think you are doing?, you just started work here and you are already flirting? What will you do with my name if i tell you?, huh?, i hope you are through with those files, remember not every one gets to be the p.a to the assistant manager of hills and sills, many people want to be in your shoe, don’t squander this opportunity ” she said as she got up to leave… “wow, what an attitude” he muttered to himself… “what did you just say?” she said turning back… “nothing” he said, she gave him a stern look and left… Dennis sat down sipping his cold soft drink with a straw, he wondered what he had done to offend the lady, he did not expect his first day at work to be like this, he wondered what position the lady held in the company, maybe she is the receptionist or secetary, she must be either one since she was the one to show him his office, it’s the receptionist or secetary that do such jobs… Then what gives her the guts to talk to him anyhow, even if he just resumed he is still her senior, thank God such a lady is not my boss he thought to himself, he wondered who his boss is, he could not wait to him, he would try his best to give a good first impression… Dennis decided to push the earlier incident aside and focus on his work, he was going to ignore the lady when he sees her, afterall he was good at that, he is an introverted person and does not have many friends, he regretted even trying to befriend the lady, even though he was a nobody, he had manage to take himself to a level of worth in society, and no girl could just rubbish him… He was concluding his work when the lady came in again, he behaved as if he didn’t see her, she noticed it too, she the told him that the boss was around and was requesting for him, she turned, jammed the door and left… He got up, wore his suit, sprayed some perfume, took the files with him and headed for the bosse’s office.. When he got there, he knocked, no answer, he knocked again, no answer, he then opened the door gently and stepped in, as he turned to greet, who he saw widened his eye and left his mouth ajar, infact he was in a state of shock..



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