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“Aro rugged you, how far?” i said “anchoring”
KC with a frown on my face, “dis one wey ur
face dey like dis, Prof Nwosu don nak u home
and away?” Kc asked. “how u take know? guy
him nak me home and away oh, what of u?” i
asked, “guy my own na only away him nak me
oh” Kc answered. “so we go stay for this town
for another one year be dat?” I said. “naso oh,
our mate go serve finish, we go still dey sch.”
Kc added.
Home and away was a slang we used in our
department to refer to double failure. First of all,
“Home” means if a lecturer is handling two
courses(1st and 2nd semester) and you fail the
first semester course, that means; “the Lecturer
don nak u home”. If you fail the second
semester course, that means; “the Lecturer don
nak u away”. But if u fail both courses, that
means; “the Lecturer don nak u home and
away”. In my case, the lecturer “nak” me home
and away, Phy411 and Phy412.

“u get where u go dey stay?” i asked Kc. “i no
get oh, i go dey come from Port-harcout, i go
dey come once in a week” He responded. “me i
dey stay with my cousin for Nekede, i go dey
come anytime wey dem get lecture oh, u no say
that Prof wicked, and him dey serious with
attendance” I said. “him suppose consider us
wey be spill over students na” Kc said. “u no
know that man, set before our set wey get spill
over dey come lecture, na God go save us oh” I
said as we walked out of the sch compound.
“guy find me even if na 100 bucks make i take
enter bus go Nekede na” I said. “take, manage
am, na 50 bucks i get” Kc said offering me a
worn out 50naira note. “u don try, u be correct
man, half loaf of Agege bread is better than
chin-chin” i said as i collected the money.
If there was one thing i seriously lacked lately,
that thing was Money. Even 50naira was a huge
amout of money to me.

I “anchored” Kc and walked slowly to where i
would board a bus. What i never knew was that
a bad news was waiting to be told at home.
“guy how far, chaw dey house? because the
worm wey dey my belle don chop my intestine
finish oh” i said to Brain Box as i got home.
“guy chaw no dey house oh, we dey wait make
u come sef before we go arrange chaw” Brain
Box responded.(chaw was a slang for food)
“because na me be una Mama na?” i said. “guy
no be so oh, Tochiba no get money and me sef
no get money” Brain Box responded.
Just then, Tochiba walked in and said, “our
landlord come today oh. Him say make we pack
comot for dis house oh, him say him give us
from now to next week Tuesday to pack comot
My bad!! i forgot to introduce my friends!!
Brain box was a boy from Mbaise. His brain
was his most priceless asset. In Nigeria, the
most cunny set of human beings are from
Mbaise in Imo state. An ibo Musician once
sang that, “if u are in a room where an Mbaise
man and a snake is, first kill the Mbaise man
before u kill the snake, because the Mbaise
man is more dangerous than the snake”.
Dangerous was the perfect word to describe
Brain Box, sometimes he even scares me. His
cunny nature fetched him the name Brain Box.
He can even decieve the wisest of men. If i said
he was an award winning dangerous con artist,
i wasn’t far from the truth. Brain box also had
spill over, but not in my sch.
While Tochiba was my cousin, he was trained in
Alluminium roofing and window assembling.
His real name was Tochi, but he preffered to be
called Tochiba.
They were both the roomates i had. I loved
them so much. But what i never knew was that
we would soon be divided.

To Be Continued…


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