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I was starring. I was caught by the display.
Cynthia kept on trying to illustrate to the Junior
student before her how she wanted her to clean
up her dusty sandals. She kept leaning forward
while doing so. But as she did this, I was
continuously being explicitly presented with
what had suddenly become a highly erotic view.
Her panties as well as her blue mini combat
shorts, have ridden down the cheeks of her big
Buttocks and was now revealing the crack of
her bum mid-way down. I was stupendously
mesmerized by this. And as her body went back
and forth with her many gesticulations, her
Buttocks swung to and fro, prompting the
young student’s eyes, as well as mine, to dance
around with the rather fat mass of flesh. My
Kittycat easily reacted to this and in just a
moment, I sensed the moisture form inside of
me. It took quite a while and a great deal before
I could finally disengage myself from such
gawking. It had been a thoroughly enticing
experience but equally one that was
accompanied with a great deal of absurdity,
overall. I wasn’t into girls if I were to be frank.
In fact, going by the definitions of the various
S#xual orientations known to the world, I am
simply straight. Back home, I have this dude I
call my boyfriend. Tunde by name and we have
had s*x once. He popped my cheery in the
course and since then, I have longed to do it
again with him. I had never had any feelings for
any girl and cannot think of anytime I ever even
gave being with any other girl a thought. I have
even talked a couple of my colleagues who are
always into it here in the dormitory, out of it. I
was just heterosexual. A little girl who loved
and worshiped big enormous male cocks! And
a Sl*t of some kind whenever I found myself
around hung guys. But now, something else
appeared to be creeping in. I had first noticed
this two evenings ago. Just after the relocation
of some students fromtheir previous dormitory
to new ones. Some new blocks had been
recently commissioned by the Parent Teacher’s
Association and most of us were instructed to
move into them. That was how Cynthia came to
join us. I already had a best friend called Udak.
We had been friends since Class one and had
even shared a single bed sometime in the past
when the school struggled with bed spaces.
Now we sleep separately but still on the same
bunk. She stayed below while I used the bed
above. However, I had not known she also had
a similarly close friend who happened to be
Cynthia. She was a classmate of hers (I was in
a different classroom block but of similar grade)
who only used a separate dormitory.
Nonetheless, I had already heard a thing or two
‘ugly’ things about here even though I was yet
to get close to her. However, just after the
instruction to relocate, Cynthia began
demanding that Udak secured a bed space for
her within our own dormitory. That meant from
the beds that were going to be left out empty
when some people in our dormitory had moved
out. Udak told me about it, and even though I
never openly objected, I really was not
comfortable with the move. The rumours I had
heard made me really worried. It had circulated
a lot within the school female dorms back then,
that she was a lesbian or at least a Bi. I equally
even heard on certain occasions that some of
my distant friends openly spoke about their
wish to get down with the ‘notorious’ girl and
did really send out an invite to her. Even when
some of them were not into girls in any way. Of
course, this made me feel bad since I had
always been one of the strongest preachers
against same-s*x relationship within the dorms.
Therefore, when Udak (who I could swear
before any oracle was not into fellow girls) told
me about Cynthia’s supposed move into our
own dorm, it only left me quite livid. That was
not only going to mean a sudden closeness to
a lesbian girl of which I ultimately detest, but
also a become a threat to the beautiful
relationship I had developed with Udak.

Unfortunately, she did move in and not just
that, she equally secured a bed which was just
adjacent to us. And her occupying the lower
bed meant that she was always going to spend
the night close to Udak since she slept below
mine. Poor me!Two nights had gone now and it
was already appearing like I had a big
mountain before me. In fact, the Cynthia I had
harbored so much dislike for, had swept me off
my feet when she finally joined our dorm. She
was just outlandishly stunning to say the least.
We were all in our last grades and thus were
seniors. And I am sure she was the same age
as myself; sixteen. But she looked entirely
much more matured than myself! She was a bit
taller than me. Had a figure of a grown-up
woman. Possessed these big poking tits you
would not expect to find on the chest of a
sixteen year old. And had a hip that played the
violin when she walked. She was just too
beautiful. I now understood why most girls in
the dorm wanted to sleep with her. Apart from
all those traits she had, she still had another
extraordinary feature. Her big fat Buttocks! Up
till this point in my life (I will be twenty-six by
next birthday), I still cannot explain how she
managed to have a backside that big and fleshy
at sixteen. It was a direct contrast to her body
size which was mainly slender. The Buttocks
only made itself obvious to noticed anytime she
dressed and walked out. She was just
mesmerizing. I was equally beautiful; in fact I
won the last mock hostel beauty pageant
conducted in our dormitory by our Hostel
porters. But I simply understood that Cynthia
was more beautiful than myself and was going
to subsequently take away the repeated
pageant victory I had always enjoyed and
gotten a lot of respect for. Udak, who is the
less beautiful of the three of us was also a
killer. In the sense that she had another
commendable body. But she was not close to
the two of use, facial-wise. I and Cynthia were
the better.It was on that first night of Cynthia’s
arrival that I began having the earlier indicated
absurd feeling. She hadn’t struggled to blend
and mix with myself and Udak. As well as the
other girls whose beds were not too far from
mine and Udak. I had quietly observed her
body, taking due recognition of how beautiful
and attractive her body was. Even though I
seriously fought any form of timidity that was
generating on my side. I had been the main girl
before she arrived and I still wanted to remain
so even though I was aware of how difficult
that was going to be. She had first dropped her
bags at the dorm box room and was making it
to the female borehole with Udak, when I
bumped into them at the door way.”Where have
you been Udak? I have searched the entire
school for you”, I was making frantic effort to
make Cynthia as less relevant as I could. I was
only coming in contact with her for the first
time though”Me? I have been with Cynthia”,
Udak was visibly excited. Little need to explain
why. “Cynthia, this is Daniela; my other bestie”I
collapsed literarily. Did she just call me
‘other’?”Hey Dannie”, was Cynthia’s response.
She wasn’t looking antagonistic in any way”Hi”,

I heard myself say back even though I hardly
looked at her while doing so”Wait for us at our
bed-corner. We will be back”I didn’t utter
another word but just walked away. I was
burning with hate. But it was after this point
that I got to know that Cynthia was going to
spend the rest of his time in our dorm, sleeping
right beside Udak who I had always felt I was
the only best friend.Cynthia later returned alone
when she did. I was already on my bed on top
and was scanning through a book I had
recently got form the school library, in a
desperate bid to get all that had happened
earlier out of my mind. I didn’t even notice her
presence at first until I heard the screeching
caused by the bucket of water she was pushing
into the underside of Udak’s bed. It was one of
the places we usually kept fetched water. So,
on hearing that, I turned to look down towards
her supposed location and caught her
crouched, pushing the container with all her
might. My eyes were drawn to the depth
created by the crack of her big Buttocks cheeks
and for some unexplainable reasons, they
remained there. I knew I wasn’t been drawn by
any form of attraction or personal desire but I
still found myself still starring at the deep
hollow that had been formed. I only took my
eyes away when she began making it back up,
and that was also when I realized that water
had spilled all over her white shirt. She was
surely going to pull it off and change. Doing
this before other girls was the most normal
thing on earth within the dormitory but when
she began to peel the shirt out of her body, I
just couldn’t help but steal quick stares at her
obviously beautiful body. We were yet to talk to
ourselves but I was sure she had noticed I was
up there in my bed. As her shirt came off, I
quickly brought my wandering eyes to her two
beautiful Bosom. They were large and struggled
to stay within her cotton pink bra. She slightly
turned her body towards me and suddenly
began to unzip her skirt. I never expected her to
do so since the dampness did not seem to have
affected the skirt. But she undid the cloth and
right before me, dropped it to the floor. My eyes
went straight for the triangle formed at the
intersection of her two shapely thighs and was
rightly jolted again to know that she had no
panties on!”Does she go about without
panties?” I asked myself quite mystifiedShe
didn’t seem to be bothered with my thoughts as
she easily unfastened her bra which fell off her
body in a thud and slowly bent over to pick the
pink cotton off the floor. I was consequentially
presented with the most charming female vulva
I had ever seen in my life. It was completely
shaven and even though I was some distance
away from her, could easily tell that she did not
have even a stub growing in that region. In fact,
the skin around there, glowed and appeared
baked. With what seemed like brown powder,
speckled all over the folds. This gave her light
skin a striking brown shade which was only
also repeated somewhere under her eyes. I was
now openly starring at her and had my
awestricken mouth wide open. Cynthia’s beauty
had got a good grip on me and I was further
exposed when I heard her talk to me.”Dannie,
can I use your detergent? Mine got finished last
Monday.” she was just a few inches from my
face. How she got to come that close? I
couldn’t tell. I had been spellbound for several
sure! Sure. Yes….” I was in loss for wordsShe
only smiled. Still standing seemingly very
straight beside my bed. Stark Unclad!I jumped
on my little bag at the foot of my bed where I
usually kept my detergent, and began searching
for it. It took me a bit longer than usual to
locate it, obviously because I wasn’t thinking
straight anymore. I had totally lost that once
commanding and imposing self. I now seemed
to be embracing the Cynthia bandwagon which
I had so much fought against. However, when I
finally found the requested detergent, handing it
over to her even explained to me better, why
she had so much defeated the ‘Domina’ in me.
Her Bosom which were now bare had been
squashed into the frame of my bed as she
stood right beside it. And as I tried to hand over
the pack of detergent to her, my eyes easily got
captured by the very deep cleft formed by the
two large mounds of her tits. My hand tripped
against her shoulder obviously because I wasn’t
looking where I should, and the entire carton
came falling to the hostel floor! Too bad!”Ops!”
she said. Making a face and forming a very
dirty smirk on her lips”Sorry Cinty.”



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