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They say there is a thin line
between sanity and just takes a little
spark at the wrong place to cross to the other
side.This was my line of thought as i sat butt
Unclad on the cold cement floor with my hands
and legs bound with strong ropes bought from
all those hausa boys at swali market.the putrid
smell of urine that emanated from the corner of
the church made my uncomfortable but the
people that put me here weren’t concerned
about my i had to shift from here to
there with the little space i was provided but
this men and women clad in white
garments,holding little rods in their hands(with
diff symbols on it) just wouldn’t let me be.they
danced and chanted in languages i could not
understand,maybe they were speaking in
tongues,but i doubt it.
I managed to strain my neck to look at the
three women sitting at the far side away from
these group surrounding me.from the few
glances i could steal,i saw that the older woman
was crying,while one of the women tried to
comfort her.the last one was staring at me,i
could see the pity in her instantly
recognised who this women where;my mother
and two sisters amaka and mary.wetin them
dey do here?
So they where here to witness my deliverance.i
couldn’t help but smile at the irony of it all.they
were ones that dumbed me in this God forsaken
place and vowed never to come see me
again,yet they were here out of feigned love to
witness how these holigans were going to cast
the spirit+madness out of me.especially that
mary with her eye-service coupled with
abroko.she should be the one down here not
My mother jumped from were was sitting and
ran towards me but she was held back by my
sisters “see wetin my enemies don do my only
son” i heard her say above this chanting and that moment i wondered have i really
kolo because of what i saw and experienced
that night?..i tried to think back to that
night,trying to piece to events together as they
had taken place.just when i was about to go
back in time i was interrupted by the ringing of
a bell.the whole place suddenly fell quiet.the
large door that was the entrance to the church
flung open with a large the door stood
two females holding all this red big candles at
their centre stood the most reverend bishop
ajekunle abatola kunle ak.a the demon
extinquisher.he was the general overseer and
founder of cherubim and sepharim of heaven
and earth int(cshe)…at that moment i
screamed in my mind ‘see gobe!!’

The demon extinquisher was a man of average
height,a bigman with bout belly(cus of too
much gulder) which fit his rank and status.he
ways also a very popular man in Ijebu and
beyond.he was known for his ruthlessnes and
wealth.He had this menacing look in his
eyes,that kind that says ‘you don die for my
hand today’.fear gripped me as he used his
large hands covered with rings to grap my
head,his hands where very tough to the
touch.he spoke yoruba rapidly to one of his
aides,who quicly scrampled of to carry out his
masters orders.from the little i could pick from
this staunch yoruba,i could decipher the words
water,oil and the last one that seemed like holy
cane.’which one come be holy cane ni?’ .fround
the sound of it,it sounded somewhat scary,but
what could be possibly wrong with a cane,an
holy one for that matter.i was about to get the
biggest shock of my life.



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