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Here I am again, about to do what I vowed not
to, sleeping with Lovepeddlers. But I couldn’t
help myself in this case. She was tall, about 5ft
8, housing piercing blue eyes on that gorgeous
face and wearing a green spandex on those
lovely legs, I couldn’t just turn away.
After the usual running around with little to show
for it, I decided to visit the LovePeddler-house a
few blocks from my place of work. The show
was a bit boring to me, just a bunch of short
women showing what God gave them. I have
never really liked short women, preferred the tall
I was thinking of leaving after taking a few
rounds of beer until I saw her. Damn! She was
hot. She caught my stare and did the come-and-
get-me hand sign. I obeyed and she led me to a
room in the small building already filled with
screams of pleasure. I saw her for the first
time and hell yes, I made the right decision, It
had this Onion look, If you have seen Bella bellz,
you will understand what I meant.
We got in and kissed for a long time, her lips
were so soft, I just couldn’t let go, I let my hands
wander down to her waist and I felt those
onions, damn! They were soft, super soft. I
pulled down the spandex and felt the flesh
therein. I went off after feeling her fleshy onions,
so I pushed her and she landed on the bed,
parted her legs and the sucking began. She was
clean and well shaven, it was heaven on earth
while I sucked, though not for long because her
smell was choking me. I stood up, brought out
my stick and slid it in.
She was tight, very tight, in fact too tight for a
LovePeddler. I pumped and pumped the
missionary way and her screams nearly deafened
me. Got tired and we changed positions. She
started riding me and Good lord, she was a rider.
She rode me so well I joined in screaming all of
the Holy priests I knew. I haven’t been ridden like
this in decades! In so doing, I lost control and
my other half started to manifest. Claws shot out
from where my fingernails had been seconds
before, big sharp fangs sprung out of my upper
jaw and thick black hair covered my skin. In all
this, she didn’t notice for her eyes were closed
from pleasure. As we danced and danced, I was
becoming more beast than man. My grip on her
hardened as I came close to my release and then
my claws pierced her skin as my grip hardened.
She screamed out in pain, her eyes flew open
and she screamed again, this time in horror.
Suddenly, her body became limp as she fell
sideways fainting halfway. I pushed her off me,
quickly put on my clothes and found my way out
of the LovePeddler house.
Again, I had to move. Again, someone had seen
my other half, something that shouldn’t happen
for obvious reasons. I was careless, but the s*x
was just too awesome. I am sure you are
wondering what I am, human or beast? Well, with
the “choking smell”, “deafening screams “,
sudden fangs, claws and the hairy skin – a
lycanthrope? Hmmm… You guessed right.
I am Richard, a werewolf, yes, a werewolf and
the very last of my kind.
I had barely left the building when I heard
another deafening scream,this time another
voice. Another love peddler must have seen one
of her colleagues in a pale state… I had to leave
town quickly.
I knew that the next point of call was an
ambulance and then the police will get involved.
Though I knew that no one would believe her
story of been attacked by a wolf like man but the
claw marks is another story.
Quickly I raced down to my isolated cabin in the
woods Close to the inter-state road, took my bag
and put in some of my belongings : a fake
passport, some clothes and a huge book which I
haven’t still learnt how to read the text therein.

I couldn’t use public transport since I might be
wanted for physically assaulting a woman. I had
to run using my other limbs. I pulled off my
clothes, and called out my other half. I was big,
too big for a normal wolf, so I transform only at
night since my black fur could easily blend in
with the night, by the time I was through with my
transformation, I was standing at 5ft 4. I
stretched out and howled into the dark sky telling
every creature that the king was coming through.

To be continued


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