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Lagos, Oshodi
“Ole! Ole!! Ole!!!” the people’s voices thundered
under the hot sun as they chased furiously after
a good looking young man with sticks and
stones, machetes and iron rods. He didn’t stop
running but rather increased his speed; there is a
saying that the prey is faster than the predator
and it is true because he gave the people a long
gap, he was breathing heavily as he ran and then
he saw a man running towards him with a big
stick but he didn’t stop as he ran closer to the
man who was about to hit him with the big stick
but he held the man’s hand and punched him in
the stomach and gave him a head booth to his
eye then lifted him up and threw him on the
people coming behind him and it slowed them
down; they were surprised at that as some of
them stopped but others continued. He was
about to make a turn in a street when he saw
police men coming that way, so he diverted to a
compound which had its gate opened and the
mobs ran in with him and so did the police men;
he ran all the way to the backyard and jumped
the fence like it was nothing; after throwing two
quick steps on the wall, he flipped over it and
landed in another compound. The compound he
entered was a 4storey building, he looked back
and saw that the people were trying to climb
over too so he quickly ran and as he approached
the gate he saw a police man coming so he ran
into the building and climbed upstairs; the
building was quiet. He ran into the 3floor and
saw a door opened and he quickly entered the
door and shut it but didn’t look back
“Who are you?!!” a voice yelled and he turned in
fear and saw a lady
‘Please help me, some people want to kill me” he
said breathing heavily
‘Kill you? Haaaa please go, am scared o, I will
shout o”
“Haaaa please I am begging you with the grave
of my mother” he begged whole heartedly
“Then why run if you are not a thief?”
“They are with dangerous weapons, pleas hide
me I beg” he was sweating; from the way he
begged even if she was a 4 years old girl he
would kneel down and call her Ma
“Ok, come inside my room and stay there” she
said standing up

“Thank you God bless you” he said and followed
She took him into her room and locked the
door behind him, he sat on the bed and felt
relieved as he relaxed on the bed
“So this is how I would have died for nothing” he
thought to himself, he started remembering how
it all started. How he left his home like a normal
man to go meet someone who owed him money,
more interestingly it was the guy who called him
to come for his money but on arrival the guy
denied calling him; he became angry and they
started exchanging negative words and then got
into a fight and he beat up the guy and that was
how the problem started. The guy yelled out
loudly Thief! Thief!! Ole! E won kill me o, e gba
mi o, the guy shouted and from nowhere people
came out and grabbed him and before he could
say a word a slap landed on his face and then
another slap and then some started looking for
sticks and the people increased. They didn’t even
allow him speak, he then remembered how 4
boys were killed like this in Port-Harcourt and he
remembered the video. He was afraid of his own
death but he knew he was not ready to die like
that and then suddenly he pushed the crowded
and they fell massively and he took off like a
cheetah chased by a lion…
As he sat on the bed think about that, the door
suddenly opened and the lady comes in the room
with the mobs
“Na him be that” she said pointing at him and
before he could make a move, a big stick landed
on his head and he shouted in pain but there
was no sympathy and another stick landed and
before knew it, they were hitting him with
different objects and he could hear the lady
cheering them. he was just protecting his head
with his hands and it seemed it would never stop
as the pains increased.
“Stop it, enough!!” somebody yelled as he came
into the room
“E don do abi you dey mad” a policeman said as
he pushed a man aside
“Na thief we go kill am” the mobs shouted

“No worry, we don arrest am” the police man
said as he and his partner lifted him up and
cuffed him. His face was swollen and his body
hurt, he was bleeding on his face; he looked
around at the people at the people and
everything seemed to be happening in slow
motion in his head as they took him out the
room. He saw the lady who took him in and as
he looked at her she slapped his eye
“Why you dey look me? Ole!” she said loudly
He lowered his head as the police took him
passed the people, some were slapping the back
of his head and some knocking him and rained
abuses on him
The police men took him out and put him in
their van and drove off as the mobs crowded
outside the environment.
Ironically, he was happy the police had
arrested him, he knew that the police station was
heaven compared to the hands of those blood
thirsty mobs. He sat down quietly with his hands
cuffed between his thigh, his breathing was calm
and kept looking at the streets and the people
who were staring at him. It was a normal belief
in Nigeria that anyone found at the back of a
police van was a criminal, so he wasn’t worried
about the looks. The police man who sat beside
him was just staring at him but he didn’t notice
“What’s your name?” the police asked
“Sir?” he said as he quickly turned his head to
face the officer but the officer just stared at him
with that “are you deaf” look and he understood
“My name is Luke” he replied
“Luke” the police man repeated
“So you cannot go look for work, instead of
“Am not a thief, sir. I only came to collect money
from someone who was owing me but instead he
raised false alarm on me”
“Hmmm” the police man said
“Yes sir” he replied thinking that the police officer would free him.

To be continued


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1 Comment

  1. Elijah

    18/11/2016 at 10:23 pm

    Nice one

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